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Geoffroy's spider monkey
Geoffroy's spider monkey is one of four species found on the Osa Peninsula.

In the early '90s, we started to build a portfolio of tropical land, property, and business assets in the south pacific of Costa Rica which had the benefit of introducing our family to an incredibly enjoyable approach to property ownership and stewardship in the tropics.

Thirty years of challenging work with steady growth through acquisition coupled with long term vision can now be assessed through our rearview mirrors. 2020 offered us the ability to step back from daily operations and look at the 'big picture' or 'whole shebang'. And so, we did. And it appears that right now is an exciting time to move forward with grander plans involving more people and their respective voices.

It has been a sweaty, tiring, and challenging three decades, but it's been the most wonderful of experiences. We aren't quite finished yet because there are still a few generations that personally interest us and hopefully another millennium will follow.
So, we started thinking that it's time for others to get involved with the big picture. Maybe you'd like to be part of this global perspective that offers personal, family, and corporate growth and adventure, coupled with an international conservation effort led by sustainable local development?
We are looking to effectively pass the baton of ownership, stewardship, and management to a younger generation. We hope they experience similar joy and enthusiasm which helped illuminate our 30-year walk in this tropical wilderness where jaguars still stalk their prey on dark and damp jungle paths, where twice daily, parrots screech raucously to the world in general, and where turtles, whales, and dolphins live and thrive in the warm tropical waters of the beautiful South Pacific.

Our assets have been packaged with the hopes of capturing the interest of investors that aspire to augment their natural life experiences while at the same time moving the world in a healthier direction. A packaged sale is our preferred method of passing the baton as it offers so many more opportunities than the sales of individual properties could ever do. Your involvement will offer substantial opportunities for both conservation efforts and sustainable tourism development.

We see the potential for several scenarios where we would divest between 80% and 100% of our assets to a conservation entity, a profit-based entity, or an investment group. In a purchaser or investor, we're looking to see, hope, desire, vision, education, and stamina all combined with extraordinary leadership qualities. We believe these skills and others will be required to successfully launch sustainable development projects in the pristine Osa Peninsula in southern Costa Rica.
Review our property list here or coordinate an exploratory conversation here Vive La Vida, Amigos!
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