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Toucan Estates

Toucan Estates Lot Plan

Listing ​Price: 495,000 USD

Lot ID          Area in M²                              Asking


El Mango        7157                                Make An Offer

La Manzana   6892                               Make An Offer

Lot 9                7586                               Make An Offer

Lot 11               7586                               Make An Offer

Lot 12             10555                               Make An Offer

Lot 13               9218                               Make An Offer


All properties feature public road frontage, town water & electricity. The lots are planted with either trees or ornamental plants. It is a short 20-minute ride to Puerto Jimenez by car on the best asphalt road in all of Costa Rica or 5 minutes (3 kilometers west) of pristine Playa Blanca, One of the  "Blue Flag" beaches located on the Osa Peninsula. Financing Available to qualified buyers.


Featured Properties


La Manzana 

This Idyllic property of approximately two (2) acres is situated at the end of a tree-lined Osa country lane on the outskirts of the town of La Palma. Planted with fruit trees over 20 years ago, the property has become a delicious place to visit. Cashews, cacao, water apple, papaya, plantains, bananas, lemons, and oranges all hang ripe for the picking. There is also a beautiful small creek that borders the property. 


El Mango 

Another two-acre property located near Toucan Hill, El Mango offers a beautiful view to the Golfo Dulce, near the tree where the property gets its name. It is the last property on the entrance road offering privacy, and enough space to create the getaway you are looking for. There is no limit to what your mind can create for your small tropical "Quinta" or farm.


La Ceiba 

La Ceiba (Ceiba pentandra) or the Silk Cotton Tree (Kapok) is one of the largest trees in the American tropics. The tree has played an important role in the spiritual and economic lives of the peoples of Central American and the Caribbean. The kapok tree has long been considered sacred by the indigenous peoples of America. The Mayans believe that the kapok, which they call Ceiba, (pronounced say-bah) is the tree of life whose roots extend to the underworld and whose branches hold up the heavens.

This beautiful 3-acre property allows you to experience the wonder of this majestic tree on a daily basis and the habitat it creates for the local wildlife. An open canvas to create your own tropical paradise.

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