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5 - Playa Chan - Isla Gobernadora, Veraguas, Panama
Pristine Real Estate. Once on Gobernadora Island, everything slows down. This little place lets its' residents (permanent or visitors) walk to the beat of nature and the rhythm of the waves. The main attraction of the island is the quietness of life offered here. While the village of La Punta has a public telephone (507.999.8299) and one local tavern, it has no banks, internet cafes, or roads to drive on. However, there are still many things to do such as boat tours to the island of Cébaco, a visit to Santa Catalina to surf or dine out, snorkel or fish off the famous island of Coiba, or get to know Gobernadora from the sea by taking a boat or walking along the south side of the island. On the island you can dive, fish, explore the Cerro Palenque (the highest point of the island), walk across the island through the Camino Real, or stroll the beaches of La Punta, La Playita or Ubaldino Bucería.


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