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Reserva Chimpol in Rio Nuevo

Listing ​Price: 495,000 USD

Pristine Costa Rica. If the rain forest holds significance in your life, then "Reserva Chimpol" is sure to transport you to the ultimate conservation destination. This pristine property is accessible by foot or on horseback and can be reached by 4-wheel drive vehicles in the summer with some minor repairs to the present-day road. 

"Reserva Chimpol" offers stunning views of the surrounding virgin rainforest and parts of Corcovado National Park in all its' green splendor. It is inhabited by a dizzying array of wildlife including "El Leon" or the majestic Jaguar. "Reserva Chimpol" is part of the biological corridor that runs from Corcovado National Park to the southern tip of the Osa at Playa Matapalo. This is a property that truly must be experienced. We look forward to coordinating an on-site inspection for you or your company.

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