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Playa Juanito Mora

Listing ​Price: 1,500,000 USD


The property has a private entrance road from the main artery into the peninsula and is also accessible by boat from the gulf. Juanito Mora is home to countless species of local flora and fauna. There is a small caretaker's cabana located approximately 70 meters from the beach cabin if you prefer to have a worker on site.


Playa Juanito Mora has incredible potential for eco-sustainable tourist development due to its large beachfront location, and a 20-year renewable lease contract with the municipal government.


Fishing Camp, Sailing School, Hotel, Lodge, Resort, or Residential Development are just a few of the possibilities. Electricity, water, year-round access on public roads, river frontage, ocean frontage, 4G cellular service, and Internet are all present.

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