Isn't it time you had your own place in the Tropics?

  We've been involved in our local real estate markets since the early '90s, so we've seen all kinds of weird stuff, but things have become downright strange throughout planet Earth since about the middle of March, 2020. Costa Rica and Panama are on the same rollercoaster ride as the rest of humanity but I believe we are in a better place relating to both physical and mental health and well being versus a lot of folk from around the world. 


  Right now we're experiencing a substantial uptick in traffic from visitors looking to change their geographical location and possibly find and/or create a healthier state of personal being at the same time. So to help the process along we've decided to make a major change concerning how we publish our properties. Namely, we will no longer publish an 'Asking Price'. We understand that price is subjective, so far the time being interested parties can suggest a price based on their specific reality. We'll be happy to review all offers and if they make sense we'll reply quickly. 


  Many interested parties will have some form of assets (think gold, silver, diamonds, art, property, homes, cottages, businesses, etc.) that might be partially combined with a major currency as part of a successful negotiation. Think outside the proverbial box just a little bit and you may end up in Paradise sooner than you originally thought possible. 

  It's a win-win for both parties. 

Pura Vida Amigos!


We offer some beautiful commercial, rainforest and beach properties on the Osa Peninsula,


A south pacific tropical island escape


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